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Tales of the Shudder Mountains - Sour Spring Hollow Recap

Our Twitch channel,, recently started a new Dungeon Crawl Classics campaign and we kicked things off with a funnel. Each player rolled up 3 level-0 characters and I filled out our numbers with some expendable NPCs to help ease the pain (with only four players, it seemed like the best adjustment to make it playable). Here is a play report for the Sour Spring Hollow funnel from the Chained Coffin mini-campaign box set.

Actual Play Videos

The Wedding Guests

  • Cliff
    • BB Beakman - Elf falconeer
    • Sydney Fezziwig - Costermonger
    • Johnny Appleseed - Apple farmer (accompanied by a pet hen)
  • Charlie
    • Armell - Beggar
    • Marzin - Cheesemaker
    • Bran - Alchemist
  • Tommy
    • Moonshine Davis - Beggar
    • Leggy Armstrong - Elf sage
    • Milton Jackson - Blacksmith
  • Joe
    • Jacob Manyears - Corn farmer (accompanied by pet duck named 'Feathers')
    • Woodsy - Elf forester
    • Jimsy Twocopper - Swindler

It was the 8th day of the Bloom, the year 991 in the Grand Course of Days (GCD). It was supposed to be a glorious day of celebration of love. People came far and wide to attend the Newscombe farm for the big wedding between Tum Dankers and Ivy Newscombe. It was a delightful little wedding with a big party afterwards. The stump whiskey was being passed left and right, the eligible bachelors and bachelorettes were flirting and dancing, and Leggy Armstrong showcased his amazing speed racing a rooster back behind a couple of sheds:

The morning after, everyone woke up in a mysterious place. The old barns and cabins that stood around them were not from the Newscombe farm. The bride and groom embraced each other for comfort, when suddenly Ivy Newscombe's dress became stained with a deep red sanguine color. Poor Tum Dankers began to float twenty feet into the air when his entire body was ripped in half, spilling his organs to the ground below. Terror filled the hearts of the farmers and tradesfolk as they witnessed several apparitions come into view. The toothless grins and overgrown eyebrows of the phantoms were full of malice and amusement with each fatality.

Your players will give you a lot of grief if you use MS Paint for your player handouts.

It was the liquor that brought them to this mysterious place, but there was no time to investigate. They were on the losing side of a massacre as one by one the wedding party became casualties. Some brave souls tried to stand their ground and fight the spectres but their weapons simply passed through their misty forms to no resistance. Johnny Appleseed and Jimmy Two-copper led the party to a cabin nearby. Grammy Hopyard was hobbling forward, but the chivalry of one of the characters allowed her to enter first. When they entered, the cabin revealed itself to be a gigantic mimic that devoured the first 4 characters that entered and they were crushed up together into a gigantic flesh cube like a bunch of people who had just jumped into a trash compactor together.

The characters investigated the farm, avoiding the spirits, to try and find clues that might aid them in returning home.


  • The players began to discover corn husk dolls throughout the farm. Each one was dressed similarly to a character that had been slain by one of the ghosts. They believed them to be voodoo dolls. Jacob Manyears picked up the one that resembled Jimmy Two-copper. The rest they threw in an old well.
  • Johnny Appleseed continued to lead the rest of the wedding party around to the cabins, but was spooked by the sight of a symbol scrawled on one of the wooden doors. He decided to lead them to the cornfields to try to hide but the spirits took advantage and took a few casualties. Eventually he was forced to lead the party back to the cabin. It turns out that the symbol was a protective ward scrawled there.

  • Johnny Appleseed tried to fend off the ghosts to help the wedding guests escape. He tried to throw oil at one of them and rolled a natural 1. As he was throwing the flask of oil, quite a bit of it sprayed backward and soaked into his clothing. One of the ghosts later lifted the flint and steel from his pocket and it hovered right in front of him, causing a spark that immolated him.
  • Leggy Armstrong, Woodsy and Marzin explored the graveyard south of the cabins which was marked by pine wood crosses. Leggy started digging and Marzin was spiking the grave markers into the ground. Tremors prefaced the appearance of several strange boar-dogs that crawled up from underneath them. Leggy Armstrong ran away and dove to the ground, turning onto his back with a dagger held upright and drove it right into the hound's heart as it dove to attack him. 

  • The party found some illustrations that were clearly drawn by a child. It depicted a priestess who was clearly an enemy of the family that lived at this farm. She was seemingly killed, and her holy symbol thrown into the well.
  • The characters coordinated and lowered themselves down in the well where they ended up finding the holy symbol of the priestess in the illustrations. Unfortunately, they also disturbed a giant bramble creature that was imbued with unholy chaotic energy. Leggy Armstrong met his end as the creature pierced through him with his branch arm. BB dropped down into the well and drenched the creature in oil that the others procured for him and they lit it up to allow them to recover the holy symbol.
  • As the characters returned to the surface, the ghosts returned to torture them further. In addition, the corn husk dolls that the party had been collecting started animating and attacking them. The party with haste climbed the terraced corn fields on the western end of the farm and placed the holy symbol in the hands of a scarecrow dressed like the priestess in the child's illustrations. This ended the nightmare and returned them back to the Newscombe farm. Only four characters survived: Milton Jackson, BB, Armel and Jacob Manyears.

Favorite Quote

"My falcon sure would like to meet your duck."

Products I Used for this Adventure

  • Chained Coffin Box Set - The entire inspiration for the campaign. Includes several adventures including the Sour Springs Hollow funnel. Also includes a map of the Shudder Mountains and supplements that provide rich information on the history, religion, culture of the region as well as new mechanics and monsters.
  • Adventurer's Almanac - One of my most valuable game prep tools. Includes a living calendar that you can use in any setting, with holidays and important events; ability to provide characters birthdays and inherited roleplaying traits based on astrological sign; and hundreds of adventure hooks that help inspire writing an adventure on short notice.

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