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Tales of the Shudder Mountains: A Campaign Primer

On Wednesday, March 28th at 7:30pm cst, our Twitch channel twitch.tv/twentysidestoeverystory will be debuting a new campaign entitled Tales of the Shudder Mountain. It will be a Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG campaign using Michael Curtis' Chained Coffin mini-campaign setting and will take the characters into the rich culture and terrifying unknowns of the Appalachian inspired region of the Shudder Mountains.

The Snuff Steppes

Our tale does not start in the Shudder Mountains but rather within their shadow. The region south of the Shudder Mountains is labeled on most maps as the Sotho Plains, but among its residents it is known as the Snuff Steppes. Its mild winters and long growing seasons have made it a region of abundant agriculture and cattle farming. Many families grow a variety of vegetables that they subside on, while soybeans, tobacco, wheat and rice are all common staples which are grown for the benefit of the Manncaster family. 

The Manncasters lay claim to the entire region and lease this land to the residents of the Snuff Steppes. The farmers and workers are expected to give 20% of the production of their labor back to the family as rent. This system of taxation is all regulated and managed by a lone agent named Sheriff Wex LePage. He is not a villain who exists simply as a pawn of the family, however, and is well regarded by the denizens of the plains. He is known to turn a blind eye or make "clerical errors" when folks are unable to provide their rent.

Map created using Inkarnate: https://inkarnate.com/

Religiously, people revere Justicia, goddess of justice and mercy. People are generally distrustful or even hostile to those of other faiths. Folks in these parts believe that sins carry weight based upon its severity, but that all are redeemable through good works. A common saying is that all people are guilty of sin, but all can atone through earnest labor.

People live very far from one another and tend to only come together when their children become of age to be wed. Weddings are celebrations that bring folk together, and often beget further engagements between eligible bachelors and bachelorettes. 

Commerce is limited, but some goods are traded back and forth with the "Shud folk" of the mountains. The residents of the Snuff Steppes are quick to describe Shud folk as "dirty" and "drunkards"; the imbibing of alcohol being seen very much as a sin in Justicia's eyes. Though as the gossip swirls and slanders the people of the Shudder Mountains, it is usually followed by a caveat that hopefully Justicia, in her infinite mercy, will find a way to forgive them and lead them down a path of redemption. Coal and precious metals such as silver are prized commodities that originate from the Shudder Mountains. The Shudfolk are also renowned for their quality wool products such as blankets, quilts, furniture covers, etc.

Our Story Begins With a Day of Matrimony

It is a celebratory occasion as the story begins. It is the 8th day of The Bloom in the year 991 of the Grand Course of Days (GCD) and folk gather for the union of Tum Dankers and Ivy Newscombe to be joined in marriage. Clim Wills and Son Carver have prepared a pig roast and a wide spread of dishes prepared with recipes passed from generation to generation. Jam Ranson and his three sons have come packing fiddle and flute to help folk get their shoes clicking and dancing until the sun goes down. And Father Gajers has come to officiate the wedding and give judging looks to the not-so-stealthily passed flasks and jugs of stump whiskey that the party goers likely will imbibe.

It All Begins With a Funnel

The players will all be starting this campaign having rolled up three level-0 characters. They are no heroes. They are farmers, woodcutters, and laborers who have come to celebrate the day with their neighbors and kin. Not prepared for heroics, they will soon be sent on an adventure that will change their lives forever. And not all of them will make it out alive.

The level-0 funnel is the DCC RPG way of creating characters worthy of adventure. During the course of play they will find that many of their characters will meet fatal conclusions, leaving only a select few alive at the end to advance to become full level-1 characters. It is at that point we will learn who will take on the mantle of the protagonists in this tale of sorrow and woe.

Hope you can join us at 7:30pm cst on Twitch for Tales of the Shudder Mountains! We just need 8 more followers for March to meet our goal - if we reach our goal we will be raffling off a delightful coloring book I obtained at GaryCon from Darlene the Artist. Give us a follow and share us with a friend so we can give away more cool stuff! twitch.tv/twentysidestoeverystory

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    1. A raised glass of witch liquor to you for creating such a fun setting! My players are very much looking forward to exploring the world you have laid out. I just hope we have enough characters after the funnel for them to do so...mwahahaha.


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