Sunday, March 18, 2018

GaryCon X Highlights - Part 2

Friday at GaryCon was looking good as I readied myself for my first games of the Con as a player. My day began by hitting up the exhibition hall and scouting out things I might want to buy. In particular, I was looking for something unique to use as a giveaway for our Twitch channel. I discovered Darlene the Artist ( who had a fantastic coloring book which I thought would be the perfect thing to give away if we meet our March follower goal.

"Color Me Powerful" is a mindfulness coloring book with each page dedicated to helping to helping one connect to an aspect of their feminine spirit. It was exactly what I was looking for. 

Darlene even personalized the book for our lucky follower who wins this prize! If you are interested in winning this item, head over to and give our channel a follow!

My goal for GaryCon this year was to get as much Dungeon Crawl Classics experience as a player as possible. I signed up for Brendan LaSalle's "And You Shall Know Us By the Trail of the Dead." His games had been suggested to me at last year's GaryCon by +James Walls and I am very pleased I committed that name to memory! The concept of the adventure was that our characters all belonged to a 1970's rock band that was still trying to find its muse and establish itself among the greats. Hailing from Boise, Idaho we were known as Electric Potato. We were on tour and down in Georgia when we performed our largest gig yet. While we were on stage, time seemed to stop and a dimensional rift exposed itself out amongst the crowd. It turned out that the cosmic expanse we were experiencing was not from the hash oil our characters had consumed before going on stage. We met our biggest fan from the future (his name we Magpie) who came riding in on a cosmic jet plane. He told us he needed our help to defeat an enemy named Queen Coyote.

Decked out to show off my DCC fandom.

We eventually found our way to a special room aboard the flight. It contained holograms of famous fantasy characters such as Conan, Gandalf, King Arthur, etc. My character lit up a joint and headed in, examining Gandalf as he took a deep inhale and extended the arm and said "Hey shall pass." I became the wizard.

Brendan was a very animated Judge who kept every minute feeling energized. Definitely created a GaryCon memory for me!

Queen Coyote eventually succeeded in getting our aircraft grounded and we had to take refuge in a tower. We descended into the cavernous undercroft and met a character named "Catfish" who seemed likely to be a demon of sorts that needed our assistance getting free from its prison, finding the "Well of Many Worlds" which seemed to have powers beyond our comprehension, and ultimately we had to play a final gig in hell to distract and keep the demons who were getting ready to invade the multiverse entertained long enough for them to miss they opportunity at cosmic destruction. Of course we rocked it out to a song I wrote entitled "Chaos is a Ladder to Redemption." Electric Potato 4LYFE. If you ever have an opportunity to play in one of Brendan's games, I highly suggest you do so.

Electric Potato - 1974 World Tour.

The final event I had for Friday was to DM for the Return to the Ghost Tower of Iverness event through D&D Adventurer's League. +Joe Alfano shot me a tweet earlier in the day asking if I was available, so I headed to the Adventurer's League area to get the module and begin doing prep. Whew! I spent some time with the module and made a few homemade visual aids before the event began. It was a blast! I had a really fun group of players who were more than forgiving when I had a few missteps as we were playing. Best part of the event was facing off against cranium rats who used dominate person spells to gain command of several of the players. It became quite a PvP slugfest with me rarely rolling anything for the majority of the encounter. Quite fun. Lots of laughs were had and they did very well with the traps and puzzles they faced. It was a fantastic Friday at GaryCon!

Adventurers League DMs preparing to be merciless during Return to the Ghost Tower of Iverness written by Elisa Teague.

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  1. It was a pleasure gaming with y'all. Electric Potato Rocks!


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