Saturday, July 22, 2017

Enhancing the Yawning Portal

Mapping the Most Famous Tavern in D&D

Tales of the Yawning Portal features the famous tavern of Waterdeep that is built over the entrance to a mega dungeon from which it gets its name. It is a location full of interesting travelers with rumors to share and its walls are adorned with artifacts and oddities presented as proof of survival in the Undermountain. Despite all of the interest players might have for the tavern and the fact that it is literally in the name of the book, it is not as prominent a feature in the book as I had hoped. I have yet to meet a group of players that doesn't like spending considerable time causing shenanigans in a bar, so I have been using the Yawning Portal as a return point in-between the dungeon delving. 

The first thing I found myself longing for was a map for the tavern. It seems that there was a map that came with the 4th edition product Halls of the Undermountain. Using Dungeon Designer 3, I replicated the floor plans of that interpretation of the Yawning Portal. Check it out:

Feel free to use it for your own adventures in Tales of the Yawning Portal! Next time I will take a look at providing stats for Durnan, in case you have an experience like I did where some insolent patrons decide to cause trouble and need to be taught a lesson from the legend himself!

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